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Reiki Practitioner Training Level 2

Intermediate course introducing advanced concepts that deepen Reiki practice for self and others.

  • 4 hours
  • 333.33 US dollars
  • Location TBA

Service Description

Reiki Level 2, or Second Degree (Okuden), builds on Level 1, introducing practitioners to advanced symbols for focused energy work. Key components include: 1. Introduction to Symbols: Practitioners learn sacred symbols like the Power Symbol and Distant Healing Symbol, enhancing their ability to channel and direct Reiki energy. 2. Distant Healing Techniques: Expanding beyond physical touch, practitioners master distant healing, using symbols and intention to transmit energy across distances. 3. Mental and Emotional Healing: Symbols enable practitioners to address mental and emotional imbalances, enhancing their holistic healing capabilities. 4. Practical Application of Symbols: Practical exercises integrate symbols into healing practices, allowing precise and intentional addressing of individual needs. 5. Advanced Energy Techniques: Practitioners refine their skills in sensing and manipulating energy, elevating the effectiveness of their healing practices. 6. Professional Considerations: Ethical discussions guide practitioners on responsibly applying symbols and techniques in professional settings, emphasizing consent and confidentiality. 7. Certification: Completion of Level 2 earns practitioners a certification, signifying advanced proficiency and readiness to incorporate symbols into their healing practice. In essence, Reiki Level 2 enriches practitioners' skills, offering a more nuanced toolkit for distant, mental, and emotional healing, with ethical considerations at the forefront.

Cancellation Policy

24 hour cancellation policy

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