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Reiki Energy Healing


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing that allows one to connect deeply into the self to allow healing within the body, mind and spirit.  The practitioner serves as a channel or a catalyst of life force energy to allow healthy energetic flow while clearing out blockages.  Reiki allows the client to engage in methods of constructive rest so the body can reach a state of peace for optimal healing. 


Private Reiki Sessions

1 hour

It is preferred that Reiki energy healing be performed on site.  The Reiki session is approximately 1 hour, but clients should be prepared to spend an additional 15 minutes for discussion of symptoms, herbal tea, and may also opt for a mini oracle divination.


Reiki & Oracle Combination

2 hours

A combination session includes a full oracle reading for one hour, an medicinal grade herbal tea break, followed by a full reiki treatment.  Be prepared to spend up to 2 hours to allow time for tea and a discussion.  

Reiki Circles and Healing Events

Inquire within for rates

Special events are available upon request and prices vary.  The special events options are great for retreats, women's circles, community gatherings, yoga studios, wellness events, private parties, and more!

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