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"Danielle Marie Fusco is an all around virtuoso. Her ability to move from Dzul a somewhat heavy piece to the fun and fluff of Jazz at Luigi’s memorial truly shows off her versatility...This woman is so impressive and does so much it truly makes one reflect on their own usefulness." ~Stage Biz

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Danielle Marie Fusco is an award-winning Italian-American dancer, choreographer, aerialist, and shamanic healer with a multifaceted career in commercial theatre, concert dance, and arts-in-education. 

Danielle's off-Broadway and Equity credits include "Tink," "The Anthem," and "The Vanity." She has graced prestigious venues like the NY Innovative Theatre Awards opening ceremony and the NY Musical Festival. In concert dance, she has collaborated with renowned artists and companies including Dzul Dance in New York and Mexico, Noemi LeFrance, Nejla Yatkin, Miriam Barbosa, Jazz Roots, Edgar Cortes, Graham 2, and the 2008 season of Sam Pott’s "Episode of American Document" at the Joyce Theatre with Graham Co, Jazz Dance Legacy, and Luigi Jazz Center Memorial Shows.


Danielle has been recognized as a #1 Critic’s Pick in Time Out Magazine for "Night of 1000 Stevies," a PEACE Grant Participant with the Patchogue Arts Council, and a recipient of the Hupstate Circus Residency for Circus Culture. As an artist for FINI Dance Italy and New York, she continues to shape and inspire the global dance community. Celebrated for her performance and choreography, she received the 2022 Italian Dance Award for "Best Dancer" with Fini Dance Festivals and Awards. Danielle has taught at prestigious institutions such as the Martha Graham School, Nazareth College, Kean University, PACE Commercial Dance, and NYU.


She currently dances with Alessandra Belloni and I Giullari di Piazza and has showcased her solo works at events such as the Columbus Citizen’s Foundation for the Women’s Auxiliary, Festa Della Donna with Vanessa Racci, and the Dance Astoria annual Festival in Queens. This summer, she will present new work in Calabria, focusing on Italian ritual, and will also perform and set other choreographic pieces through an Italian and American cross cultural exchange. Her artistry shines in every facet of her career, leaving an indelible mark on the world of dance and community outreach.

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Danielle Marie Fusco's new repertory work Il Rituale is an autobiographical, physical narrative that explores her journey of ancestral healing and veneration of Pre-Pagan Italian culture through a series of shamanic initiation rites, channelings, lineage healing, and research. Utilizing elements of dance and physical theatre, circus and sacred ritual, Danielle’s work carves out the stories of one of history’s most intriguing and mystical European civilizations.


Her work visually and physically transforms a performance space, captivating the audience and immersing them into a genuine demonstration of the shamanic practices prevalent among southern Italian healers. Inspired by "Le Donne della Notte," the persecuted society of wise women, Danielle sheds light on their teachings of the mysteries of the universe and our natural connection to spirit and magic.


Guided by this inspiration, Danielle's Il Rituale encourages deeper introspection into our most fundamental principles of life, urging us to recognize our shared heritage and contemplate our collective aspirations for the future. Dance and ritual are deeply intertwined in Italian culture, inseparable when one embarks on a journey to manifest magic and ponder the mystical nature of our connection to the cosmos.


This performance delves into the magical realm where unity with the universe allows for perceptions beyond verbal expression.Through this evolving piece, Danielle Marie Fusco's Il Rituale aims to bridge the cosmic connection between the audience and the performers, using the powerful mediums of dance, ritual, incense, prayer candles, fabric, aerial arts and interdisciplinary art modalities to communicate age-old legends and traditions.

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