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FULL Reiki Certification

Full Certification, 90 day practice, 3 in-person trainings - ALL levels, 3 seperate appointments

  • 4 hr
  • 999.99 US dollars
  • location tba

Service Description

Reiki Training Program Overview: Embarking on a 90-day journey, the Reiki training program is divided into three levels, spaced 30 days apart, fostering a gradual and immersive learning experience. Level 1 - Foundation (Days 1-30): The foundational level introduces students to Reiki's basics, including its history, principles, and the universal life force energy. Within the first 30 days, students undergo an attunement, opening their channels to Reiki. They learn fundamental hand positions for self-healing and treating others, with practical exercises enhancing energy sensitivity. A Reiki folder is recommended for note-taking, and students are advised against wearing metal jewelry to optimize energy flow. Level 2 - Advanced Techniques (Days 31-60): The second level builds on the foundation, spanning days 31 to 60. Students explore advanced techniques, delving into the use of sacred symbols like the Power Symbol and Distant Healing Symbol. The focus expands to distant healing techniques, mental and emotional healing, and practical applications of symbols. Proficiency is honed through practical exercises, and students continue documenting their journey in the Reiki folder. Avoidance of metal jewelry remains a recommendation to enhance energetic sensitivity. Level 3 - Mastery and Teaching (Days 61-90): In the final 30 days, Level 3 emphasizes mastery of symbols, spiritual and energetic development, and attunement techniques for passing on Reiki to others. Students delve into teaching Reiki, exploring course structuring, attunement facilitation, and the imparting of Reiki principles. Personal and spiritual growth take center stage, with a focus on Master Practitioner responsibilities and ethical considerations. By the end, students earn certification as Reiki Masters, equipped to share their knowledge. The Reiki folder continues to be a valuable tool for reflection and ongoing learning, and the recommendation to avoid metal jewelry persists to ensure unhindered energy flow. This condensed overview captures the essence of the Reiki training program, outlining the progressive journey from foundational principles to advanced techniques and mastery. The spaced intervals between levels afford students the time for integration and practice, fostering a comprehensive understanding of Reiki and preparing them for both personal healing and the role of a knowledgeable and compassionate teacher.

Cancellation Policy

24 hour cancellation policy

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