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Performing Artist ~ Reiki Energy Healer ~ Oracle Card Reader

Danielle Marie Fusco

Danielle Marie Fusco.jpg

Are you ready to journey within?

Being an artist has allowed me to deeply embody the archetypal universality of the human experience. As I continue living through my artistic practice coupled with various healing modalities such as reiki, oracle readings, conscious stretch and movement coaching, I am here to serve … not as a guru, but perhaps as a friend. One who will hold your hand and grow with you, one who has experienced trials and tribulations, one who has made mistakes and hit many rock bottoms. I am a seeker of truth, a being with an endless capacity to love. I believe learning from my failures and recognizing my flaws has guided me on a path to allow me to see my relationship to others as a mirror and serve as a catalyst to reveal intrinsic wisdom. My lifelong spiritual gifts have led me to provide profound breakthroughs while working with others and I am committed to elevating human consciousness through art, connection and joyous expansion. Please let me know how I can assist you in finding peace, healing as well as a sense of belonging in this community practice.


"I already have so much clarity and am going to begin my rituals.  You are absolutely amazing at what you do.  I greatly appreciate you and will book another session soon." 

Yuliya L.

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