"Hats off to Ms. Fusco for her acrobatic 'Alice in Wonderland' like staging...The direction, choreography and performances are what make Tink! A tremendous success."

--Broadway World

Concert Dance Forms

Concert Modern Dance (Graham inspired)

"Lo so che finira"

*custom Graham-style skirts

Physical Theatre

Summer Workshop with PUSH Physical Theatre

Development and workshop

Contemporary Dance Piece

Inspired by the five Tibetan Rites.  

Contemporary Dance Ensemble in Ridgefield, CT

Physical Theatre

"Symphony of Shadows" with the Rachel Klein Theatre Ensemble at Dixon Place


Performing with Dzul Dance, a modern dance and circus company with pre-Hispanic Mexican Mayan Themes


Performing "Devaneio" by Marcela Duarte at STREB LAB for Action Mechanics

Commercial Theatre

NY Musical Festival

"Tink!" the musical debuted at the Pearl Theatre, NYC

Off Broadway

"The Anthem: A Radical New Musical" debuted at the Lynn Redgrave Theatre, NYC

Award Ceremony

The opening number for the NY Innovative Theatre Awards


"Night of 1000 Stevies: Dark Daughters" performance at Irving Plaza, NYC

Jazz Dance

"String of Pearls" music by Glenn Miller Orchestra, choreography by Luigi

Award Winning

Competition Choreography

Jazz, Modern, Contemporary Musical Theatre, Solo/duo/trios

Some videos are not available for public viewing.  Please inquire within for access to specific show requests.

Time Out NYC

#1 Critic's Pick

“NOTS 23 cover Stevie Danielle Marie Fusco is an icon of modern NOTS, appearing as lead dancer in almost a decade's worth of Rachel Klein Theatre works created just for The Night. She'll be back this year with the Rkp Ensemble and their wonderful director and dancers. 
Here's Danielle photographed by the great Aaron Cobbett @aaroncobbett, outtake from the NOTS 23 cover shoot and SO STEVIE!”

--Chi Chi Valenti, Johnny Dynell 

Night of 1000 Stevies, The Jacky Factory


With long term collaborator and friend, theatre Director Rachel Klein.

Danielle has been a member of the Rachel Klein Theatre Enseble for 10 years and serves as a principle dancer, dance captain and choreographic collaborator.


Dzul Dance Company